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Re: A ? for mamas with intact sons

Like I said I will not argue, I know exactly what I am speaking of. There are even studies in magazines that have done the research. If you are not a DR with expansive experience with this than you should not say it is not to be done.
Again, we have also delt with it. Boys are doing fine. No penis issues.
I would say it has to be a personal choice, common sense would lead you to some of the obvious.
If it is attached as you claim and would be like tearing off a finger nail than how does it ever pull back even on its own. Finger nails don't retract at the proper age.
Also I have pulled back. The only thing it caused on the healthy penis is some redness (much less than that of a cut penis) no tears, no infection, no problems ever. But it is clean.
AS for leaving it alone and letting the little one touch his own, come on we are talking babies. WE are suppose to take care of it until they can. Good grief.
Now if you want to bash me have a go but I will not even view this post again so you will be amusing only yourself.
But again I feel you are dealing with your own experience and I fail to see were you feel you are the authority on this.
What I have stated has worked for hundreds of years for the Native American boys, is practiced by Drs and results in a healthy clean penis from birth.
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