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32 weeks, stabbing pain... help! :(

I am 32 wks PG. I ended up in L&D last night because of the pain I'm having. They hooked me up and did an internal and after an hour sent me home since I wasn't contracting and baby's heart rate looked good. The problem is... I feel like someone is just stabbing away at my lower belly and the pressure is terrible.

I got home last night and did what they told me to... rest. But still today, no relief. My urine came back - so they said it's not a UTI or bladder infection.. but why won't they help me find out why this is happening?

Just put a call into my Dr and he said I should lay down and do nothing today... yeah, I'm home with 2 kids.. but I try. It STILL hurts when i'm laying down.. especially when I'm sitting and go to stand up... I double over when walking... what is this from?? I'm concerned... I know the difference between cramps and stabbing pain... I've had 2 other pregnancies, but my dr doesn't seem concerned at all.

I thought maybe it was gas or I needed to go #2, but no. I've had diareha for 2 days and my dr thinks that's the cause... but man, I've never had pain like this unless I was in labor. WWYD? What do you think this is from? Relief ideas? I HURT!!!
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