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Re: A ? for mamas with intact sons

This post is for the OP and anyone else reading. Please know that it isn't ok to retract a baby boy. It is not recomended by any reputable Dr's. Check out Dr. Fleiss if you want more proof of that. The care of the intact penis is very simple, just wash down the exterior like you would your finger. Never pull back the skin or stick anything inside of it. The bonds of the skin will begin to break on their own as the boy ages, and usually by puberty he will become fully retractible (though this isn't always true, and there is nothing wrong with a boy never becoming retractable unless he has pain with erections as an adult which is truly quite rare and can be treat easily with simple stretching exercises). The only person who should ever retract the foreskin is the owner of the penis, period. Even when retractable (some boys will become so within their first 2 years of life) no special cleaning is required until puberty. Then the boy can pull his own foreskin back and wash underneath with clean water once a day, just like a girl would clean her vagina. There are still some uneducated Dr.s out there who will recomend retracting at every diaper change. This is wrong. The AAP does not recomend this. Just leave the penis alone.

Firethorn, I have done my research well. No medical group advises what you are advising. In other countries where circ is not the norm they do not ever suggest this. Some dr's in america became uninformed on the care of an intact penis during the time that circ was reccomended. Check with the AAP if you don't believe me. While your at it check with WHO and AAFP. No one reccomends this but a few uniformed dr's nurses and MIL's. As for this statement
And once the boy starts to get erections is pushes against that too small opening causing sever pain.
That is just silly. It makes no sense at all that nature would have designed the male body with this kind of flaw. As the penis matures the conecctions start to break down on their own. And as for that hole, it is plenty big enough for the penis to pass through, though for most little boys that isn't an issue until well past puberty because until then there is plenty of excess foreskin so that the penis is never truly exposed during errections. AS the boy matures his fiddling with his own penis will help in the gentle breakdown of the connective tissues and he will eventually become fully retractable. In some very rare cases a man never becomes retractable, but in most of those it is more an aethetic issue than an actual function problem for him.
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