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Another circ question since it's already brought up

Both my boys are circ'd...if I had it to do over again, I'd choose NOT to circ..I also don't want any flaming as I thought I'd made the best decision at the time. With that said..

My 28 mo old has always been on the larger end of the spectrum forchildren of 90-98%iles in height & weight. Also, his circ was the type that only required vaseline & gauze for a few days. His penis is always "hiding" within the skin. Not exactly like an uncirc penis, but pretty darn close. Would this likely be because of his weight or because they left too much skin? I had asked the doc about it when he was roughly 6-8 wks old and he said it was his weight and he'd quickly grow out of it? By no means am I worried about this...and definitely wouldn't get him "re-circ'd"...just curious if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

Now my 9mo had the kind with the ring...and he's swollen & irritated alot...looks to me like it was botched. Like they left too much skin on top and not enough on bottom...looks scarred. At ped appts, nothing isever addressed...but i don't think the doc really looks at the penis as much as the testicles to make sure they're normal. I don't like my ped anyway...just wondering if anyone is familar?
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