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Re: Another circ question since it's already brought up

I just wanted to ask for a bit of clarification, is the penis hidden in skin, or more like pulled back into his body? I ask because there is something called hidden penis that happens in some little boys. The fat pad at the pubis is big enough to essentialy swallow the penis. This isn't a problem at all, it is just something that happens. They do usually outgrow it, but I don't remember at what age. This happened with my nephew, but he also had a botched circ and lots of other problems along with it. Now if the penis is hidden by skin I don't really know. As long as he isn't having problems though, I don't think I would worry much about it.

With your second son I don't know. My ds1 also had the plastibell, and I have to say that the scarring is awful. I think they quit doing this type because of that. I don't know if the steriod creams would help him or not. But you would have to ask the ped about it. Is he having any pain with it?
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