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Re: Monkey Butt Soap Bits, 10% off sale, and some freebies w/order. Drawing on HC!

Originally Posted by enchan View Post
I got my first order of the Soap Bits & love them...but you included the Baby Baff soap sample and I tried it on my baby yesterday. She smells heavenly even after the bath-and it's so moisturizing-my hands were soft after bathing her and I didn't even use lotion on her skin because the soap did the BEST job. I want a few soap bars not only for her but for my other kids who have dry skin. I have an almost 3 yr old w/ chronic (mild) eczema and I'm hoping this will be enough moisture during the summer to prevent skin flares. You only had 1 bar of soap in stock last night. I want at least 2, 3-4 would be better. *hoping*
I do hope to make some more Baby Baff Bars over the week. Did you have any particular scents in mind that you wanted? Just let me know and I can put those on the priority list of bars to make.

I plan to make BananaRoma, Monkey Farts, Doodlebug and a few others.

Link for free drawing of Soap Bits.
Monkey Butt Designs is on Hyena Cart. Home of Kim's Famous Monkey Butt Soap Bits/Cloth Wipes solution. Created in 2006.

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