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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Another circ question since it's already brought up

both my sons were done with the bell, the first one it was all fine. the second i told them it wasn't complete and they argued with me, told me it was probably b/c of a fat pad right there (even though he was always in like the 10th - 20th for his weight, skinny baby). then i finally switched peds when that skin started to reattach during so much as a one hour nap! it was botched but there was no way at 5 months i was letting them complete it. for a few months we went through a lot of having to unattach it (this was never painful to him) and used lots of a&d and vaseline (to help it NOT reattach itself, whether or not it helped i don't know but the ped said to do it) and deal with minor infections (when it would reattach, from urine and or poo being in his dipe when it would happen). he's now almost 3 and we haven't had problems for a long time now, the end still hides halfway to 3/4 way in it's shell most times and we just take care of it like an uncirced that's not attached right now. we're now having our 3rd boy and even w/ds2 having those problems dh is still insisting on circing. i couldn't be more frustrated, i didn't believe in it in the first place but whatever i guess....
one of those fam disaggreances that came with marriage and babies, my fam does NOT circ and his does. blah.
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