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Re: kind of upset..

Stuff is always harder to deal with when you're pregnant.

OK, for the Vitamin D/Calcium thing -- can you tolerate yogurt? I eat tons of yogurt, rarely drink milk (well I have started to now out of necessity, the babes are needing more from me LOL) but yogurt is much more friendly to the digestive system and you might be able to tolerate it better.

Multivitamins -- I never knew this before, but have learned during this pregnancy that you can take regular multivitamins, children's chewables, etc -- you maybe need to take two, just have to make sure that you don't go over the RDA. With a little research, you might find a yummy children's vitamin you could take 2-3x a day...lots easier on your tummy! This was a lifesaver for me, twin nausea was brutal and another DS momma told me this...helped a lot.

As for nursing while pg -- I nursed all the way through my last pg and TN, and Bryan is still nursing now...I am weaning him but more because of the fact that I really feel the need to focus on just nursing the twins after I give birth, and not nursing a toddler too. (If I had three boobs, on the other hand...LOL). has lots of great info. If you do keep nursing, just be sure and take GOOD care of yourself. Eat really well, rest lots, drink more water than you think humanly possible. (You need enough fluid to make milk, sustain amniotic fluid, and keep your kidneys/liver from freaking out)
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