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Re: Can someone please explain "Luteal Phase" to me..

Well, this is my first try at all this, usually it just "happens" I do use the OPK at the same time every day. For the past few days, when testing it was only one solid red line. Today, I got a solid red line and a very faint line. I know that the test line has to be darker than the other one, but is it weird that I actually saw 2 lines today? Does that mean its closer? Since February, my cycle has been 25-26 days. I havent really figured out HOW to count to get O days. The OPK test says to start testing on day 9 or 10 for a 25-26 day cycle. DO I count days from the FIRST day of AF? If so, then today is only day 14, so maybe its coming tomorrow? Would it be unusual to go 15-16 days on a 25-26 day cycle?
DD still BF's about 2-3 times during the day and ALOT at night...
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