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Re: Another circ question since it's already brought up

Well I think on your ds1's circ I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe just a loose circ and as long as it doesn't bother him I wouldn't bother with it. If it is just the skin then it will seperate as if he weren't circed and he will grow into it. If it bothers him in the future see a dr about it. There are steroid creams and stretching exercises incase he should have problems with adhesions later.

As for ds2, I don't think there is any reason not to use the A&D until you can get to a Dr about it. I do definately think that if it is inflamed and such you should see a dr though. Is it possible his skin is just reacting to something in the diapers? Just a thought that occured to me and thought I would ask. I don't think it is weird that he cries about diaper changes, both of my boys have done that starting around 6 months. They just don't want to stop moving to get changed.
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