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Re: how long did you test before a positive?

#1 I'm sure I was pg, but never tested pos. But I just *KNOW* I m/c.

#2 - about 7-10 days late..I never kept track of AF, I always just assumed it was on time. I was having these strange pains and described it to a friend and she asked if I could be pg... I was like, way. Got a calendar out and figured out I was pretty late..took a test and voila. COMPLETELY shocked. I had a missed miscarriage at 11 wks.

#3 - 3-5 days pre-AF..tested approx 11 times, lol. After the m/c's, I wanted to be pg every mo (although we were not trying & were actually using contraceptives). So if I thought it was a possibilty or if i had any 'symptoms' I started testing 5-7 days before expected af. lol...birthed my first baby Jan 27, 2004

#4 - 7 days pre-AF...3 days after O, i *KNEW* I was pg...when I tested, it was pos. U/S showed twins. I miscarried on June 29, 2004 and (maybe TMI) "birthed" my 2nd and 3rd babies - I say that as it occurred naturally andI was 9-11 wks along so it didn't just seem like a heavy period. They were both bigger than golf balls. It makes me cry just thinking about it again

#5 - 2 days pre-AF.. Once again I *knew* I was pg because of my crazy emotions and I craved lobster something fierce and I HATE seafood. Got a test that day on the way home from work and sure enough. I tested 12 times from that day to like...7 I birthed my 4th baby - 2nd living child on Aug 22, 2005.
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