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DS pulling his foreskin back

DS is intact, he's going on 2 years old. Since birth his foreskin has been pretty tightly "fused" (if that is the correct word to use) with a very small opening just enough to pee.

Lately he has started playing with his penis, which is normal, but the last few days he has started pulling his foreskin back, so much so that he has actually opened it up quite a bit, to where I can see the tip of his penis. It looks very sore and red, and he says it hurts, yet he keeps pulling it back. I know I'm not suppose to be pulling it back, but is it OK for him to do it? Should I put any anti-biotic ointment on the tip? Is he pulling it too far if it's hurting him?

I'm not concerned so much about him playing with his penis and pulling the foreskin back, I just don't want him to hurt himself. This is my first boy, so I'm not really sure what is OK
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