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Re: Breastfeeding Articles in NY Times

I just saw something on the news about that tonight! I heard today that giving your baby formula has the damaging effects equivelant to a woman who smokes cigarettes while pregnant! And personally, if any baby products come with a warning, my baby will not get them, especially something that their life literally depends on.
Breast-fed infants tend to be thinner than formula-fed babies from the beginning, however, and tend to gain weight more gradually. One hypothesis is that something about the composition of breast milk may set off metabolic changes or somehow program the child's metabolism. Another is that breast-feeding teaches self-regulation of food intake.
Both of my girls were breastfed from day one and they were both in 90+ percentile for weight, so I don't know how that's always true. They started off bitty and both gained around 4 lbs in their first month of life.
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