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Re: DS pulling his foreskin back

Originally Posted by nakedbabytoes View Post
The head of the penis will look red or purpleish compaired to his foreskin, so it may be just fine. And kiddos that age often confuse the "hard on" sensation for "hurting" simply because it feels weird and they don't know what to call it.
But that being said, if you're worried something may be wrong, go see somebody. Bodies usually do best left alone but not always.

My son's favorite thing lately since he started PTing is to push his finger all the way into his foreskin. Like you would sticking your finger into a balloon opening.
Doesn't seem to bother him but I scratch my head!
Im sure he wont hurt himself. If its hurting him, he will stop. I agree with the PP who said he may be confusing the terms...
I had to giggle at this because I have seen ALL of my boys do this (above, bolded), including my husband. He would KILL ME for saying that but its true. He is a major goofball and is always making me laugh. I dont know what made him do it but I almost peed my pants when I saw it.
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