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Re: When did your baby self wean?

Originally Posted by musicalisa View Post
39 months, but it wasn't a true self-weaning. She was starting nursery school and I was definitely suggesting she stop. I was nervous she was going to talk about it to her new friends or teachers, though this time around, I don't think I'll be so skittish.
I had a similar anxiety--but that my LO would ask in public & I'd get looks from people. When DD2 was born, my Mom was visiting from the East Coast and heard DD1 ask for milk. The look on her face was half-horrified & half-disgusted. I nearly cried (AFTER telling her off.) Exactly what I feared.
I've since set some boundaries (not on school mornings--no time for 2 to nurse), usually it's 'all gone' if DD2 BFs on both sides. Pretty much just if we're lazing in bed on a weekend or something. She's 4 now, though and she'll ask every few days (she actually tells the baby to quit it & save her some.) DD2 is 1y and calls me MILK & signs MILK the second I walk in the door (even if I've just gone to the garage or bathroom.) I'm starting to wonder if they'll never wean.
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