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Re: Devastated at my poor supervision of my kids

we have 6 kids and out of them 2 can swim. I know how hard it is to make sure you have an eye on everyone while at the pool. here's a little trick for next time. make sure everyone ( including you ) is ready for the pool before you get there, swimsuits, sunscreen, floaties and whatever else they need. We also have a rule that nobody leaves our side until we give then the go-ahead to get into the pool.

I'm sure it wont make you feel any better, but I'll share with you my little moment of bad pool safety.
my son and daughter are both the same size (ish) but my dd weighs more. she never goes into the big pool, but her brother does and his vest works great. she wears the same vest...but obviously in 6" of water she doesnt really get much use out of it.

well she climbed into the big pool. yea! shewas holding onto the side and kept climbing in and out.
i decided I dould put her in just a little further from the edge so she could see that her vest would hold her up, and she could swim that way.

so we are "play fighting" she was pretending she didnt want to go in, but smiling so i could tell she was just being silly. so i held her by her arms and plopped her into the water ( after her legs were allthe way in i let go of her arms)

well her vest didnt hold her up...she went 1/2 way down and then stayed there... she doesn't know how to swim at all so I had to lay down and pull her out ( my yDD was in my other arm. that was scary...I put her in there and she just sank.

of course everyone was looking at me like i just drowned my kid...

and when she stopped choking she said " mommy why'd you do that... you said i could swim"

dont beat yourself up over it. you live and learn. luckily everybody is ok now
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