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Re: Devastated at my poor supervision of my kids

No mama is perfect. NONE of us. I am a car seat nut but yes, once when we were new parents DS traveled a block not strapped in. His car seat was on its base, but DH and I thought the other had done the straps. perhaps this was meant to happen so that you can have a passion for water safety going forward, to save the life of your child or someone elses? Ever since my DS went unstrapped car seat safety has ALWAYS been a huge passion, but before i never thought twice. He was just a newborn.. An accident would have surely killed him.... But now, I am so passionate about car seats, I preach to anyone who will listen and have had 3 friends destroy their out of date seats! I consider each of their kids, a life saved

Take a deep breath mama, your accident was one of those lifes lessons we hate to go thru but come out, in the end, better for having gone through them. GL on the next trip to the pool!
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