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Re: another one...can your 4 year old ride a bike?

Originally Posted by nalazimbala View Post
Most kids learn to pedal on a tricycle...what they need to learn before riding a 2 wheeled bike is least this is what I've read tons of parents say and we will bw testing it out in a few weeks when DD gets hers.

My DS hyas a Kettler trike. He can pedal it all the way to the park and back.

But, for his fourth birthday we bought him a Strider Balance bike instead of bike with training wheels. His legs are too short to ride a 16 inch bike safely this year. So, we figure we will have to get him a 16" bike next year anyway. This year he is just learning to balance on his Strider bike. We all love it. He has gotten pretty good at balancing on it. He wanted to glide down a big hill the other day. Mommy was scared though, I made his start halfway down. It was a short, very steep incline. He is starting to get pretty daring on his bike. So, he has caught onto the idea of balancing very quickly. He is a bit of a cautious kid sometimes, I think he might become too dependent on training wheels. Instead, he has gained confidence and control over his bike. And, we love being able to go for a walk at adult speed, he gets ahead of us all the time now, cruising on this balance bike.

On many bikes you can take the crank and pedals off the bike and essentially make a bike a balance bike. It would have too be a shorter bike though.
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