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Re: What to call private parts?

Originally Posted by mrsott
I am in no way criticizing anyones method of parenting... privates is definately appropriate, b/c it is a private area.... I was sharing the way we do things, and really it is the "wee wee" or "chachi" that I think is ubsurd to call a body part. Regarding the eye comment, yes, we do break down the various structures of the eye. Our 4 yr old talks about this all the time, trying to understand why she can see. We get questions all the time from her, asking how various parts of her body or systems work. And we break it down for her. She has dictionaries and numerous encyclopedias that she uses on her own and LOVES to read.... it has been encorporated as an answer to "What do you want to play??" I am in no belittling the way anyone does anything... just giving our methodologies. Not stepping on anyones toes I hope.

I may have been misunderstanding..No problems here
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