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Boys and hair length, what do you do?

There's a small debate going on between DH and myself about letting our boys choose to wear their hair long. He says that since the girls get to wear theirs how they want to, the boys should be able to as well. I have a hard time with this, probably because of the conservative way I grew up. Boys just didn't have long scraggly hair in the environment my parents kept us in, and I personally like a neat cut now (granted I've dated my small share of long haired guys, but that was back in my early 20's and dating the bass player of a wannabe punk/metal band). My oldest DSS likes his hair short, thank goodness, but my two middle boys (12 and 9) want to grow their hair out. I can't stand the way it grows out above their ears, like their going to take flight or something. On top of that (and I love the kid, but I'm being painfully honest) my 12 yo DSS has a HUGE head and it's a bit flat in the back, so longish hair just kind of makes his head look even bigger, kwim??? I can't come out and say "So and So, your head is HUMONGOUS and you wouldn't look right with the Shaggy hair cut like all the other little boys at school" that would just break his heart. But what do I do?? Do you let your boys choose how they wear their hair?? (ok and please no flaming, just being honest)
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