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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

well ive heard "i didnt have enough milk" , "my milk didnt come in" , "she wouldnt take to it" , "it was too hard" , i could go on and on first off very few women actually have the "no milk production" problem ( i know it does happen and i could never imagine what those mama go thru) but if you take my group of say 10 friends and 8 of them say they had NO milk? i mean really cumon people yes its hard to breastfeedand i quit way to early on with all my other kids,but i didnt make up excuses i just simply said i was done.the first i was selfish and just didnt wanna anymore,the second she was lactose intollerant and i didnt know i could cut it out of my diet and keep it from her,i just assumed my milk would have lactose and therefore harm her*silly me* so instead of asking i just quit cuz i really didnt wanna work at it,my third i didnt wanna pump so i quit when i went back to work.this time around i have stuck it out through pumping for work,lactose problems,other food problems,and many more hurdles.. weve been thru the ringer but by-golly were still goin and i aint stoppin no time soon!!!
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