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Re: What to call private parts?

I've always really liked yoni for a womans parts. It just sounds nicer you know. But since I am the only girl here we don't talk about it much. Kearnan knows that his brother was in my uterus and that he came down through my birth canal and out my vagina, but we don't talk about it much because he isnt' interested. We just call the penis Penis. Though I am sure Tim and Uncle Graham will teach them all kinds of great slang for it. AS for breasts, they get called all kinds of things. Mostly breasts, boobies or nursies are popular. But when Kearnan was nursing he called them "zus" I have no idea why or what that even means, but that is what he said when he wanted to nurse. Now he sometimes calls them my lumpies. As for the posterior, that gets all kinds of funny names, bottom, bum, tushie, tookus, butt, and Patookie are the most popular.

When I was little penis and vagina were taboo words, and we never used the word's vulva or clitoris. (why are the words for a woman's parts so icky?) Girls had "Bugs" and boys had "birds". I found it very weird and embarrassing really, which is why I try and use the real words with my own kids. Though when dh and I are talking they get all kinds of weird names. I do love Va-jay-jay, and also hoobie-whatzits. And for Dh it is his Whoo-haa or Thang. And he has always been partial to hooters and knockers for boobies.

This thread really is hilarious.
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