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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

Originally Posted by mamatara View Post
Oh my goodness... I'm just amazed at some of these real life reasons! People amaze me sometimes (and not in a good way). One woman I know who was prego at the same time as me and had her girl 2 weeks after I did was so surprised when I asked her if she was still BFing when she came back to work. She said "Oh no, I stopped that. I couldn't deal w/ pumping at work and all that" -- which also made me frustrated because people think if you don't want to pump during the day that you have to completely stop BFing -- you can totally daytime wean and still nurse mornings and nights!
I know a lot of mamas that think the same thing about pumping/work etc. My cousin was gung ho into nursing her baby and about 5 weeks after she delivered called me and asked me how to stop cause she was going back to work... I said "uhh pump, and nurse at home" she insisted she would not pump so I suggested nursing at least at home after work/weekends etc... she said "oh no I'm just gonna wean" well her baby has a million allergies, he's been to the dermatologist, changed formulas multiple times etc... she was complaining to me last week about the cost of formula... I said "yup you never knew how much that breastmilk was really worth did you?? LOTS of money going down the drain" not to mention the fact that her baby could have been saved from biopsies of these "lesions" after starting one of the many formulas they tried. I told her to try to relactate and she laughed lol.
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