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Re: What to call private parts?

Ok, maybe I should have asked this before but what age kids are we talking about here? Do y'all really discuss anatomy this much? I mean DJ's not quite 2 and he knows I have a "baby in my belly"...that's all he cares about so I don't really feel the need to elaborate at this point. He doesn't care how it got there and hasn't shown any interest in how it will get out. He does apparently think my belly button is a little microphone where he can talk to the baby and he has a couple of times spoken into my belly button and told the baby to come out and play... Also, he occasionally tells people he has a baby in his belly but I think that's because he knows SOOOO many pregnant women right now, he kind of thinks everybody has a baby in their belly. Or maybe he really does...he's suddenly decided he wants to eat nothing but pickles for the past few days so who knows! When he was still nursing, he talked about boobies some and we've been trying to get him ready for the fact that soon the new baby will be having boobies but it's not really something we discuss all the time. A couple of times at bath time or on the potty he's asked what his penis is and I nonchalantly tell him penis, but we certainly don't talk about it every day. When he's climbing on the furniture or something like that, I'll tell him to "Sit down on your booty!" or "backside", "bottom", or "rump". He came to me the other day holding his diaper and saying "Mommy, booty hurt" and when I looked, sure enough, he had a diaper rash. I didn't feel the need to correct him and tell him "No, it's your anus that hurts"...ya know? When he goes to the potty, he pee-pees or poo-poos... I remember as a kid knowing that when the doctor asked for a urine sample, it meant I had to "pee" in a cup. I knew what a BM was, but when my sister was potty training, she would "poop" or "stinky". And then of course there was what Daddy called it! But I remember knowing the science words for things and the kid words and the "dirty" words....and I don't remember ever being "taught". I guess I just don't really see what the big deal is, we're doing what seems appropriate right now and as he grows up, we'll expand on that. When he asks specific questions, we give specific answers that are age appropriate but I just don't see the need to push things beyond that...kwim?
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