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Re: Need your best, never-fail recipies PLEASE!!!

Just a wild guess but your DD is close to or turning 2? The no eating thing is a phase and it will pass pretty soon but be prepared this is the calm before the growth spurt storm. Mine finally just got over this!

My DD is 55% in height and 15% in weight so I get the fatten her up speech alot. Best thing I can say is kids will not starve themselves so if you cave and feed her junk she will only reject more good in order to get the junk. Salmon, avocado, whole grains, nuts especially walnuts have omega3, lamb is an oilier meat. A great snack is whole grain baguette with brie cheese and olive oil to dip with a side of fruit. My DD thinks this is the greatest thing ever but often dips her fruit in the olive oil! Im not big on dips but its helped her eat alot more. She likes the newmans own raspberry walnut vinagarette alot. I also bake and add in ground walnuts. I dont want my DD to just get fat from all the fats I give her or build bad eating habits, I think shes just built like me and DH were both mutantly tall and not large boned people.
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