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How long did it take you

to get pregnant, after you first one? I had Abby, got preggo with pre-af ov, same with conceiving Lena after having Jude. I went from Sept 98-May of 05 with no af Everytime I ovulated, I made a baby. THIS time, it's just not happenning. We have been working on it since last May, with a break from September to December of 05, but basically it's been a year. I did have a miscarriage about a month and half ago at 5 weeks but the growing a baby thing isn't workign so well for us this time. Anyone else have this experience?

I mean, I am NOT diligent about charting, but I know my body and we dtd enough that we're hitting the right times, but still, over a year?? I'm statring to get very discouraged....I REALLY want one more, but I am not crazy about that "straggler" kid who is born decades after the rest, kwim? (Okay, well Lena's only 3 1/2, but still....the others are 21 months apart each) So frustrated...
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