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Approximate date of purchase: 6/14/10
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Hyenacart
What did you buy: Mama cloth - a bunch, from different congos/HCs
How was the customer service: Fantastic! I purchased in bits, because she's on different congos, and she combined the shipping and refunded the extra. In addition, she sent extras in my box - two extra PP pads, a sample of a soap, and a sample of lip balm, and a soft velour facecloth!
Review of the product: All of the products are beautiful. They're uniform in size and shape (for each type). They're soft, washed up very well, and they're beautiful! The snaps are all in working order, and they're easy to use. I love the color-coded snap system (red is heavy flow, pink is medium, white is light!) I can't review absorbency yet, but I decided to test out the liners. I love how they feel - I got both flannel and OBV, and they're all wonderful, soft, a great size and shape. I'm so delighted with all of them.
Any additional comments: I showed these to my mother, who thinks my "green habits" are ridiculous, and she said they looked wonderful, and she wished she'd had them for postpartum! :)
Would you do business with them again? Yes, yes, yes!! I probably will, actually, if I end up needing any more!

WAHM response (if we are provided with one):
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