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Re: Houston Thread!

I live in Katy and would be soooo open to getting together, though I don't know what RDA means. Guess you can tell, I'm kinda new to this. I have been to Nurtured Family and liked it, but it was far! (Too me- we are new here and there may be faster ways than GPS took us!) The children's carousel (sp?) is great- the owner is super nice, but the selection is slim. Today we went to Young and Restless on Bella off of 610. I had much more luck in their consignment section, but less in the diaper section. Again, the ladies were super nice and said that I could get their WAHM supplier to make me a Texas Tech diaper in large. YAY! However, that WAHM doesn't do natural fabric next to the baby which is what I want. I really wish I could find a local mom that could make me some quality, cute, AIOs that are OS and organicy and not for too much $$ since that is limited. I know! ALL I want is the moon, right? Any suggestions??
Thanks ya'll!
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