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Re: Free shipping question...

Originally Posted by stringbean02 View Post
also make sure you check out the return policy with stores that have free shipping. i ordered something and ended up wanting to return it (new in box still) and the store had "free shipping" but if you returned anything they would subtract the actual shipping cost for the "free shipping" as well as a 5% restocking fee....which i think is ridiculous. i have to pay for their "free shipping" as well as have to pay to ship the item back AND for them to "restock" it (whatever that entails)? never ordering from them again!
Remember that "free shipping" is not actually free, instead, the store loses profit when they ship the product to the customer.

Selling diapers is not very profitable. Let's say you buy from a store that charges the MSRP on their items (not overcharging to make up for the "free shipping") the store then spends $10.20 to send those out to you, therefore losing this amount of money. If the customer decides they don't want the item and returns them, and the store refunds the whole amount the customer spent, they would be losing their little profit made from the product as well as the amount they spent on shipping, merely because the customer changed their mind about the purchase. This will cost the store a huge loss if many customers rely on doing this.

I don't agree with a restocking fee.

I remember once I bought from a store that had free shipping (the owner is a mama here) and the item cost me $2.00. She shipped the item for free. I know the price for shipping those items, materials involved (polymailers, ink, paper) and when I made the numbers, I knew she did not make any money, but lost with my purchase instead. So, lets say I return the item and request the full price I paid...then my purchase would have been a loss for this store.

Most of these diaper stores are run by WAHM's and WAHD's.

If, however, the mistake is on my part; I do pay for return shipping both ways.
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