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Re: A ? for mamas with intact sons

Oh my mamas! I truly did not intend for all this! Let me update you...I checked out Mothering.Com's case against circ as advised by another mama. The info I got from reading the many posts there was to not retract under any circumstances...not even a bit as I was doing to apply an antifungal cream (very gently pulled back and not forcing it over the glans). I guess I thought what I was doing was not considered retraction since I didn't pull it all the way back. So I quit doing that promptly and have left it completely alone except washing only the outside as I should have been doing !! I also went back to sposies at night and cloth at day. It looks great! No more problems! The morning he woke up with that sore foreskin, it had looked fine the night before when I put his nighttime dipe on, but I did use a fleece liner that night so maybe that (in addition to my "manipulation" had somthing to do with it). I think I'll stick with sposies for awhile and then maybe gradually go back to cloth at night. I thank you all for your insight and taking the time to reply!
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