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Newborn poop help needed now! Please!!! (diaper-related)

I am posting this for my friend. She is just baffled. Her baby will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and she is exclusively breastfed. She mostly CDs her in Kissaluv 0s. When she poops, it's the usual seedy, mustardy poop--except that it turns weird colors and is staining all her diapers. Not your usual staining...I mean, this is WEIRD!!! The first time she pulled the diapers out of the pail to wash, her diapers were a *bright* pink. She washed them several times and they are now stained a dark purple. She got rid of her pail liner, thinking that it bled onto her diapers (her liner was red), but the next set of dirty diapers did the same thing. It's really just the ones at the bottom of the pail (the oldest ones) that are doing this. She even got a new pail, and this time she decided to wash after 1 day (around 32 hours) to see what her dipes looked like. The second to oldest poop diaper in the pail was turning green and the oldest poop diaper was orange turning pink. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON???? She is afraid to use her diapers because she doesn't want to ruin them.
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