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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

Originally Posted by newbiemama View Post
loooooove all the responses!! glad i'm not alone in the "you're not BF'ing because WHY?!!?!?!?" debate! right now i'm on this total "de-sexualization of breasts" kick. their SOUL (yes, i meant to spell it that way) PURPOSE it to profide nourishment and comfort to your children, NOT be to idolized and sexualized. granted, i do enjoy that my hubby loves them so much, but do have them used as a sexual pawn in advertising, media, just out there is sickening to me. WE NEED A REVOLUTION! PUT THE BREAST BACK IN IT'S PLACE!!

I you! I'm 20 and in college, so whenever a jerk college guy makes a nasty comment about some girl's "nice rack", essentially demeaning breasts to his sexual playthings, I quickly retort that the only natural function a breast has is that it feeds and nourishes a child...anything sexual is just an added perk. In fact, biologically speaking, the entire reason men are attracted to breasts is because they are a sign of fertility and will be used to feed his offspring!

Sadly, I don't know anybody IRL that really breastfeeds, as in exclusive and full-term. My SIL combo-feeds for like six months, my aunt BFed hers for about six months. Everyone else, even my mom, jumped straight to formula. Thankfully, my mom's lack of breastfeeding was solely due to lack of information, and she's always encouraged me to nurse. In fact, she told me recently that if she was having babies today and could do it over, she'd have us at a free-standing birth center and nurse for at least a year, probably 18 months or so.

It does make me worry though, when I have my own kids. I'll attend LLL meetings beforehand and do everything short of selling my soul to the devil to nurse with no formula for at least two years, hopefully at least three. It's just not optional for me.

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