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Portuguese Diapers

I spent an exchange year in 07/08 in Portugal and loved it. For Christmas this past year, my friend's host family sent me a painted flat diaper (which is too cute to use, even if I felt like risking the paint in the diaper wash). This flat is SOOOO soft, and it's made in Portugal. I'd love to know where I can get them (online or otherwise). I know the shipping would probably be super expensive, but I'd looove to have some Portuguese flats. Portuguese textiles are amazing.

Also, I wondered if there were any Portuguese manufacturers of pocket diapers/AIOs and things like that. I'd like to have a super-special Portuguese diaper, but everything seems to be from somewhere else. Even if it were a diaper from a Portuguese WAHM, with some awesome Portuguese fabric or something...

Anyway, I'm kind of just being a huge nerd here (with both cloth diapers and Portugal) but I wondered if anyone could help me Thanks/obrigada!

(If you can explain better in Portuguese, go ahead! I'll understand!)
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