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Re: If you want to join, sponsor or run the Summer weightloss challenge check in here

Originally Posted by Ali View Post
I'm bigger than you guys! My starting weight this morning was *cry* 207. I have NEVER been this large. I had gotten down to 205, but somehow gained 2 lbs in the past couple of weeks. I am 9 weeks post-partum and my starting pregnancy weight was 197, but that was up almost 30 lbs from my usual weight i the 160's because of some hormone imbalance issues related to my thyroid. I never thought we'd get pregnant so fast w/ those issues, but we did and I didn't have a chance to take it off before than. So now the hard work ensues.

Should we make the challange 8 weeks long starting today? I can throw up the spreadsheet later today after everyone checks in.

My goal in 8 weeks is to get to 191. I'd like it to be more but that is 2lbs per week.
Mama, it doesn't matter who is the "biggest" or who weighs the most! And it also doesn't matter who is the "smallest" or weighs the least! We're all here to support each other as we each try to do what we can to lose some weight Don't start out the challenge feeling sad, start it out feeling motivated!

8 weeks works for me, though I will probably also be setting an intermediate goal of where I hope to be when I get married.

Is weigh in every day? Every week?

And still waiting for DS to wake up so I can get an official starting weight. Yay for a good morning nap!
I'm Karen (43), soon-to-be divorced single mama to Noah (11.23.04) and Elijah(2.11.09). Trying to get right with myself and get my life back together. Looking for my zen place in the universe.
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