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Re: EBF and afraid of cereal

Very interesting...I hadn't seen the information on that Honduras study before. The only issues I have with their methodology is that the infants were "randomly" assigned to intervention groups (rather than following the infant's lead which is what I do) and that the groups that were assigned to introduce complimentary foods were instructed to give set amounts each day (again, instead of following the babies' leads). That is definitely significant... I also question some of the milestones they were measuring since for us at least, several of those happened well before 4 months...the rest happened "ahead of schedule" despite the early introduction of maybe my son's just a freak or something.

I agree that some families seem to want to rush the introduction of solids for whatever reason and that is not in the baby's best interest. There are, however, babies who are ready well before 6 months (yes, my son was picking up finger foods and biting and chewing them around 4-5 months...and he was walking unassisted at 10 months so if early solids slowed him down, I guess I'm glad! )

At any rate, the OP's question was about rice cereal and starting around 6 months or waiting later so while this discussion is relevant, it's not really what she asked...sorry to hijack! I still stand by my original post that you have to do what feels right for your child...honestly, there's no reason to give rice cereal at many generations did just fine without Gerber? If she's ready for food, give her food...if not, wait till she is ready...regardless of what the calendar says.
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