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Re: anyone have a great jam recipe?

Originally Posted by stewartjess View Post
tart cherries. anyone know where to find a pitter? i don't even know what they look like
I should just find mine and send it to you FFS, I pitted cherries one summer and hope to never do that again I either got it at our local farm store that has a big canning/kitchen section or at Bed Bath & Beyond. It is really heavy metal. It doubles as an olive pitter too. It looks like short, wide tongs with a little cup on the bottom tong that holds the fruit and has a hole in it for the pit to fall thru. then the top tong has an inch long spike that you push down into the fruit to force the pit out the other side. if you get a cheap, light one, it will just bend and not stand up to the pressure. no matter what, it's a good workout for your hands and forearms, start squeezing a stress ball right now
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