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Re: kind of upset..

Originally Posted by myajdw
well yes i suppose your right scatterbrainedmom. i really hope i didn't upset anyone or hurt their feelings. i still do think that the mw is not a misinformed person, she is just trying to do the best for her patients and it is by no means something you should find a new mw over. in fact it's just the opposite (even if you do decide to continue nursing that is your business), what i mean is she cares enough to give you her best advice even if it means possibly hurting your feelings. this is good b/c you know she cares. so you should definately stick with her unless there's other signs in the future that you need a new one.

and yes i believe soy milk does have vit D

What I meat with my op is that is a midwife is adament the bf will hurt you or the baby, and we know it won't fromm many many studies, that maybe she may not be on top of other stuff. And that would worry me. I would have to sit down and have a very involved convo with her. On everything I can think of; cutting the cord, safety measures, bags of water being broken, invasive procedures.
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