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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

Originally Posted by sandy_dandy View Post
I said that much grosser things have come out of my body than milk. No one had a response to that!
Love this!

From a group of older ladies, I've heard the gross thing. Totally baffles me because it is the most natural thing to me.

Among ladies my age, excuses have spanned the spectrum from "I don't want to." to "I tried and I just wasn't making enough." I never feel it is my place to pry so unless someone really seems like they want to I don't say much.

I have a friend with a two-week old who's doctor (who is also my doctor) told her to just switch to formula because she is about to go through gall bladder surgery and will be on meds that will not be good for the baby. While I totally get that, I don't understand why she can't pump while post-op and then go back once her system is clear. Maybe I'm clueless. I told her that is what I would do, especially since I just survived pumping for 8 days while away from DS. This is her 3rd and she did have supply issues with her first two. With one of them though, her sister was preggo/nursing at the same time, so she gave her baby her sister's milk. I think that is awesome. We'll see. I'll totally support her whatever she decides.
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