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Re: Boys and hair length, what do you do?

I have always kept my sons hair nice and short, just how I like it. He got his first haircut at 1 year old and it hasn't been longer than a few inches since (he's now 11 1/2). Over the winter he decided he wanted to grow his hair out kinda like a skater. I laughed inside because the poor boy diodn't realize that he had such thick wavy hair. I told him sure, I could use a break in the hair cutting costs (seriously every 6 weeks) and let him have at it. By week 9 or 10 he had had it. His hair looked to poofy and there was nothing he could do with it. He has now decided short hair is right for him. A tthat age they need to feel like they can make decisions no matter how minor it is. Hair can be cut and it will grow back so just keep and open mind and let him make the choice.
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