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Re: Summer weightloss challenge starts today! check in here!!!

Originally Posted by mama2jack View Post
Question of the day: how supportive is your so? do they have weight issues themseves or are they fit as a fiddle?

I didn't have time to answer this yesterday, so I'll answer it now

My FH is quite supportive of my efforts to get my weight under control. He is not in perfect shape himself and has his own struggles with weight. He is maybe 20 lbs heavier than he would like to be. He is also diabetic and has high blood pressure, so working out is more of a health thing for him than it is for me. I'm not going to lie.... for me, losing weight is more about looking better and feeling better about myself, being healthier is a side benefit. We don't work out together -- I prefer to run alone (time for just ME!) and am also fairly self-conscious about people seeing me suck wind and struggle. FH has been impressed, though, at how hard I've been working these past couple of weeks. He forgets how obsessive I can become when I set my mind to something....

Just yesterday, we set our wedding date for August 2nd -- which is less than 6 weeks away. I want to look good at our super-simple-barefoot-on-the-beach wedding, so this is good motivation for me to keep working hard.

I have a weight-loss related question: is it BAD to weigh yourself every day? The reason I ask this is because I was at 162 on Monday and was at 159 this morning. Something seems wrong with that -- is it possible to lose 3 pounds that fast or is that some kind of misleading fluke? Should I just stay away from the scale until my next official weigh in next Monday?
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