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Re: Summer weightloss challenge starts today! check in here!!!

Question of the day:
What habit change is harder for you, changing the way you eat or getting up and being active?

In the past for me I have always had a difficult time with curbing my sweet tooth and exercise wasn't too big of a deal for me. I have realized that now it is the opposite for me. With the boys it is hard to find the time to get in a really kick butt workout. We do go on family hikes or go swimming ect. but getting a workout in where I can feel it the next day is tough. I don't like running on my treadmill while I am alone with them cause my 3 yr old wants to sneak up behind me and hop on (scary!)
I am much more motivated in the food department. We ate fairly healthy before, whole grains, lean meats, some veggies and fruits and treats thrown in. We don't go out to eat unless it is a special occasion and we are not paying
When we got our netflix I started watching way too many food documentaries and decided to give our diets an overhaul for health and ethical reasons. Not necessarily for weight loss. I switched to as much organic and local as I can afford, no pre-packaged foods (unless you count cheese and yogurt) added in a ton of raw food to our diets and I bake most of our breads (not much latley since it is so hot though.) I only serve meat or fish once or twice a week and have gone almost completely vegetarian myself. I have actually coped much better with the change since it isn't coming from a place where I am denying myself but seeing what I can add into our diets that is packed with nutrition instead of preservatives and chemicals. It has been fun finding new recipes and trying new foods. I joined a csa and we get local organic fruits and veggies every week for $15. You don't get to pick what is in your share but it has definitley broadened my horizons from just lettuce, peas, carrots, ect. I never would have know I love asian turnips! Buying organic is more expensive (that is why I cut out meat at first) but I am much mor likley to eat up those veggies if I paid alot for them

Wow, I am rambling here, lol.

ETA: in the month since we have made the switch ds1 has not needed any of his asthma meds, really hoping that it is related!
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