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Re: PF at night?

I have used a pf angel folded with another PF trifolded as an insert with a snappi all night and no leaks with a wool cover.
I have just recently been folding the insert pf in 4 so I fold it into itself, so the 2 ends into the middle and then fold in half again so no seems are next to the skin and it looks neat and not as bulky through the legs. i also use this inside our FBs when we go out next to the baby's skin not in the pocket and i use the regular micro insert in the pocket and then it is essentially the cover over the PF no leaks for 3 hours or so. Probably could go longer but I never leave a dipe on longer than that because I know he is wet for sure by then. So you could try that for overnight to. I personally like the idea of a bum that can breathe overnight that's why I use wool over a fitted or pf for naps and overnight but the FBs with an insert and prefold wrapped around it in the pocket worked for us too.
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