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Re: Boys and hair length, what do you do?

Our boys have worn it both ways. Long and short I mean. I have a BIG issue with scraggly. DH is wearing his long (to the shoulder blades) because I LOVE it. It's straight black and lustrous. (He is Native American and this is cultural in a sense.)
My boys like to wear it long but it is always well kep, just like the girls.
Both DH and the boys know I like it long and try to please me but all three get fed up with the heat and wak it off now and then. I let them know i don't mind. I realy don't. I just happen to like it long as well.
Our daughters wear theirs to their waist. I do as well unless I donate it. We have all done this at times.

So I think it is a matter of weather or not it will be well kep and not the length its self.
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