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Mixed Emotions after Ultrasound...

I don't understand WHY I feel this way?

It's definitely a girl baby and I was so sure we'd have a boy...

I don't like looking at girl things when I'm shopping. I don't relate well to most females in real life - I'm not the catty, petty, judgmental, perfect type. I prefer boy activities over girl ones. I like pink but my husband hates it so it doesn't help that he would prefer I not buy any pink and there is almost nothing for baby girls that doesn't have pink!

But I still never thought I'd feel so mixed about having a baby girl. I mean, I love our baby - no question. I just... thought she was a boy so I was all prepared for a boy and now I have no idea what to do because its a girl!

I just want to be happy though and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm having a hard time with this.
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