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Re: Mixed Emotions after Ultrasound...

I can relate to your feelings also. Our first born was a girl (didn't know until birth) and a part of me was disappointed too. Whenever I had thought of having children it was always boys. I relate to little boys better...I never played dolls, little ponies, or anything typically "girlish" when I was a child. as a child I hated wearing dresses and skirts- I was a real Tom-boy.

When DD was born, my DH was in love at first sight, and I feel like I slowly fell in love with her. I began to enjoy shopping for girl clothes, although I tried to find colours other than pink. Also, because we didn't know the gender we bought all our big items in gender neutral colours (ie. bedding, furniture, stroller, car seat etc.), so I didn't feel that I was drowning in girl colours. I found that reading books about raising girls was helpful. Especially books that celebrate the relationship between mother and daughter.

Originally Posted by tristicat View Post
I don't understand WHY I feel this way?

It's definitely a girl baby and I was so sure we'd have a boy...

I don't like looking at girl things when I'm shopping. I don't relate well to most females in real life - I'm not the catty, petty, judgmental, perfect type. I prefer boy activities over girl ones. I like pink but my husband hates it so it doesn't help that he would prefer I not buy any pink and there is almost nothing for baby girls that doesn't have pink!

But I still never thought I'd feel so mixed about having a baby girl. I mean, I love our baby - no question. I just... thought she was a boy so I was all prepared for a boy and now I have no idea what to do because its a girl!

I just want to be happy though and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm having a hard time with this.
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