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Re: Monkey Butt Soap Bits, 10% off sale, and some freebies w/order.

I am getting ready to cut up the Monkey Farts scent! Clove Essential Oil Soap Bits are available. They are 100% natural, no dye, clove oil naturally colored the soap, and made without Palm Oil. Mandarin Tiki will be listed on The Creative Mamas Congo for the month of July.

New batches of soap are being made with Avocado Oil in place of the Palm Oil. I will be using up the Palm Oil in the Baby Baff Bars until I run out of the Palm Oil, but it will not be in the soap bits anymore. I love the Avocado a lot more and finds that it foams up just a bit better in a foaming bottle. The soap is a lot more moisturizing too.
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