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Re: Help Help Help Help TMI Warning!

Originally Posted by mum0fthr33 View Post
I have that with my cycles right after they start back up after having a baby its like a pale orange/flesh color I was told its old and new blood from where the placenta? sp was like a sore and the scare tissue is forming but I would still have it checked out with your OB just to be sure. The depo can be not so nice on your body so if you have any concerns always talk with your OB its usually best not to wait and see if it goes away.
Well this makes me feel a little better.

I checked myself and everything seems fine up there I can't even figure out where it came from. It's odd.

Your description is exactally like what it looks like.

My DH says he doubts it's a baby or a miscarriage because we have been using a condom the whole time since I got my depo shot too. So chances are way less....I hope.
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