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**REDUCED**DESTASH Pockets, Pfs, Covers etc. Low Prices MUST go by 7/1

This first lot is 6 infant prefolds. 3 are bleached green edge, 3 are indians(I think) looking them over I see one with a slight EBF stain and one has a blue stain? no idea what from other than maybe wool that wasn't color fast.
also in this lot
1 kusihes cove with pastel polka dots Im guessing med size
1 CB (cuddlebuns?) cover its blue w/ snowflakes
1 Fuzzi Fannies Creations pocket that was used as a cover.. It wont function as a pocket because it repels? it did that NEW? so I was told to use it as a cover it was free to me and ffs as a part of this lot. Its CUTE though teal with rasied white fuzz flowers.. I think its a large?
1 unknown its white outer and purple inner w/ purple snaps its side snapping it does have some yellowish stains on the outside
1 med lightwrap.. I LOVE these this one has seen better days its ragged and has a few stains here and their but still works
2 med bummies one is pretty stained it was the GO PLAY IN THE MUD DIAPER and it shows, the other one is not so bad I see 2 or 3 faint stains.

For this lot I am asking $11 + shipping so that is 6 perfolds and 6 covers.. can't beat that. (not pictured the kushies cover and white purple cover they are in the wash)

Next lot is for 4 OS wahmies hooking pockets
1 celery that my dd paritaly painted with white out it was pretty much brand new when this happend no inner stains great pul & elastic
1 saturn blue.. the pul is starting to wrinkle no stains
1 chocolate brown.. the pul is starting to wrinkle and has a bit ripped away from the outer fabric
1 orange.. same as the brown but worse.
these would be great to turn into stuffable fitteds as all the inners are stain free and so soft the celery the PUL is great on them still.
I am the second owner of all but the celery one I bought that one new, and I don't think the mama washed them properly or something because I have had my wahmies last FOREVER!

better shot of the white out diaper

For this lot I am asking $20ppd$19ppd

next Lot is all NWT.. Girly
1 violet knickernappies OS these come with 2 inserts
1 snapping wahmies brown w/ pink circles w/inset
1 hooking wahmies pink outer violet inner w/insert


next lot is all NWT GN or boy (I love blue on my girls )
3 Knicker nappies OS in Butter, Baby blue & Chocolate these come w/ 2 insert
2 Rocky mountian diaper in Melon w/ lime inner and Yellow w/ blue inner these come with 1 insert
1 wahmies hooking diaper its baby blue inside and out. this one is NWT but has 2-3 small snags when my 10 week old kitty got more excited about fluffy mail then I did she jumped at the poly mailer.. its comsmetic and still NWT.

Asking $110ppd $100ppd for this lot

Below are indivually priced items, I am also willing to spilt up the NWT LOTS but not the first 2 lots.

crazy cute infant pf, cant remember who made it but its awesome this pic does not do it justice


small thristies cover (older style? dunno its atleast 20 mts old lol)$6ppd $5ppd SOLD

GADs the pink/brown is a Husky Med the other is a large the pink/brown one has a snap that is semi pulled through asking which make me mad its only 2 mts old its in other wise excellent shape asking $7ppd$6ppd the other one is a large, I bought it FSOT about a month ago the mama had recently replaced the elastic its in EUC asking $9ppd$8ppd

OS FB It's also about 2 mts old maybe used 8 times however did somehow inked the bottom asking $8ppd$7ppd SOLD

Snap-EZ these are all in EUC the Ducky one is NWOT (washed and tried on) the ballerina & purple are Med and the Ducky is a skinny large. These are very much like new I didn't like the fit on dd. Asking $10ppd each for the ballerina & purple and $12 ppd for the Ducky.. take all 3 for $30ppd

Knickernappies OS Teal & Pink inners may have sligt stain/ dingyness to them as they where used before I had a huge stash. Snaps, Pul, elasict are all excellent. Comes w/ 1 large insert $13ppd SOLD

Knickernappies/disposanots (these are old lol) they are med and have issues the Pink crown one the fabric is wearing and you can see the pul but the pul is still doing its job kwim? The cloud one has no breaks in the pul or anything they both do need elastic asking $8ppd for both or $5ppd if you buy them with something else.

trying to get pics of the cracks

Happy Hines snapping OS cow print. this is in EEEUC this didn't fit my dd well at all she is such a skinny peanut this would of been great on my previous chunker LOL $14ppdSOLD

Angel Luvs pockets Steelers print is MED it can be a tad wicky the print is slightly faded I would stuff with an infant prefold and we would be good for about and hour (maybe use it as a fitted) $6ppd $5ppd and an aplix angle luv it has a flower smily face on the back looks like it was donw with markers it faded to what it is now after its first wash. it also has a rip in the fleece near the pocket opening doen't affect the function its overall a really great pocket the aplix is really strong on this one (more so than I am used to) $8ppd$7ppd

Babyland Pink & green.. these get a lot of flack but we really loved them. maybe a slight staining or dingyness to the inners asking $6ppd each or both for $10ppd SOLD

Rumparooz with original insert, Lux print I had a hard time cleaning the gusset thingys so they are sliglty dingy otherwise its in EUC about 2 mts old and not used more than 10 times. $16ppd SOLD

old style FB. I tried to dye it pink (what was I thinking) the thread turned pink but the diaper is not.. it also found some stains on the fleece that where not their before dying so it looks like pink poo stains LOL
$5ppd or $3ppd if bought with something else

please pm me with serious inquires. dh missed almost an entire pay period w/ injury So I am only looking for Paypal. The only fine print is that we are a smoke free/ 2 cat home. The cats generally have no intrest in the diapers or the baby that wears them I ship first class or parcel unless prority is cheaper which sometimes happens. USA only please. I ship within 48 hours of payment 9 times out of 10 its within 24
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