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Re: BH Contrax already?

Originally Posted by ashtonsmom View Post
i have sometimes 15 or more a day in the third trimester. my sons labour (induced with one gel application) was just over 4.5hours, i went from 2cm dialation to 10cm in 20 mins. i pushed him out for 20 minutes.

dd labour was also induced with 2 gels(i dont recommend this at all!) she was about 5-6hours. 2cm to 10cm in 15 minutes. nurses didnt believe that i was even in labour even though they started it so they would not give me a room. so she was born in the waiting room! lol pushed out in 3 pushes.

we are home water birthing this time so im kinda hoping that it helps slow things down just a tad. though i get all these early painful contrx, 10days past duedate my cervix was super soft. all those contrax for nothing for me!
Like we should have to convince them or something...WOW...We're trying a home water birth too...I really am looking forward to labor because of it...I had my first 3 in the hospital and thought mine went quick, but I hold a candle to you...
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