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Who WOULDN'T pay $2 more for new??

Am I a weirdo? Maybe I'm just extravagant.... I've done a LOT of diaper shopping lately....dd needed larges all the sudden, new baby due in 4 weeks...I'm pretty much on the FSOT boards all the time ...

So, say I'm looking for 6 small fuzzi bunz (this IS hypothetical). I can pay $14.95 each and get a free insert, free shipping, sometimes even 5% off with coupon codes...this seems pretty standard for new FB. If I buy a package deal, they are even cheaper. I might be able to pay $14 or so each new, no shipping. So WHY would I pay $14 or even $13 or EVEN $12 for used ones, with no inserts, etc.....isn't the brand new fluff worth it? or am I just a mad spender....I see stuff like this ALL the time, on all brands of diapers. I CAN understand it for wahm products, which are harder to get, may be one of a kind, etc- I WOULD even pay almost retail (or retail, heck!) to get something like that.

So here's a poll....who really wants to save $2 or less and buy used? No flames if you do, that's fine, I'm just curious!!
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